Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It's a Simple Question: Is Your Website Being Found as Often as It Can?

Building a medical website does not automatically ensure that your website is listed atop search pages of major search engines (Google, BING, etc.). Ongoing website promotional tactics are necessary to ensure that your medical website is generating a steady stream of local patients. KCMC's search engine optimization (SEO) team can dramatically improve your medical website's performance through deploying SEO best practices and proven promotional techniques.

Our SEO Philosophy

There is an ever-changing array of factors that affect your website’s performance. These include changes applied to search algorithms as well as the sophistication and intensity of your competition. Our philosophy is twofold:

  1. To thoroughly examine and modify your website in order to ensure that search engine factors fall within acceptable parameters as per major search engine standards.
  2. To continuously re-assess your performance relative to local and regional competition in order to make sure we recommend a sufficient level of activity to keep up with or surpass the competition

In doing so, we address factors both affecting the website itself (on-site factors) as well as factors outside your website that impact its performance in search and local ranking (off-site factors).

Website Health (On-Site Factors)

There are a number of factors that affect how authorative search engines consider your website which ultimately affects ranking, traffic, and patient leads - although these factors are constantly shifting in substance and importance. KCMC utilizes available tools by search engines as well as other tools and applications as recommended by industry experts to constantly monitor and analyze the following on-site aspects of your website:

  • Website Design & Usability
  • Website Architecture
  • Website Optimization Signals
  • Website Conversion Capabilities

External Signals (Off-Site Factors)

Search engines also assess a number of external factors to effectively check your website's references. Search engines look for these signals to assess the popularity and usefulness of your website according to your social circle, your local area, and your target audience. KCMC utilizes available tools and techniques to assess the off-site performance of your website:

  • Quality and Quantity of your inbound links
  • Your website's organic search appearance
  • Your website's local search appearance
  • Index status by major search engines

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"KCMC designed my cosmetic practice website. I was happy enough to have them design a second website and we have since moved on with KCMC's internet marketing service."

"The website you created has made a huge difference in my practice. Good job. Your copywriters have woven our honest and candid approach to patient care throughout the text beautifully."

"KCMC is always right on top of things. I followed through with all their suggestions and I am happy with the results."