Anti-spam policy


KCMC has a zero tolerance policy on spam e-mail. KCMC's policy compliance sector routinely monitors email transmissions leaving KCMC servers. Any account discovered to be using KCMC servers to for spamming purposes will be immediately notified and suspended pending an investigation.

As per CANSPAM ANTI-SPAM guidelines KCMC requires every email transmission is to be accompanied with an unsubscribe link. KCMC email marketing tools have been designed with same capability.

As per CANSPAM ANTI-SPAM guidelines every email transmission must be clearly identifiable as coming from a valid email address. KCMC ensures that your email address is clearly displayed in every email sent to your contacts.

Definition of Spam

Spam is illegal. Email transmissions are to be permission based. This means that every email sent must be explicitly solicited by the recipient.

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