Portfolio of Clients

Each medical practice has a unique story with unique objectives. The collection of these stories tells KCMC’s story. Below are a few of examples of our work and our long-term relationships with our valued clients.

Dr. Wayne Carman, MD, FRCSC

Dr. Wayne Carman was referred to KCMC in 2007. At the time, with only a landing page for a website, Dr. Carman’s website did in now way do his credentials, skills and experience justice. Since then Dr. Carman has hired KCMC to re-launch his website. In addition, we have also built a focused fat injection website which - after a long and successfu run - was also redesigned and modernized a second time.


Dr. Rob Madronich, MD, FRCSC

Dr. Madronich was on the hunt for a qualified medical website marketing firm when he hired KCMC to redesign his cosmetic practice website. His priority was having an attractive website that was easy to navigate and reflected his credentials. KCMC designed a state-of-the-art responsive website that hit the mark.


Refine Cosmetic Clinic

Refine Cosmetic Clinic is a boutique cosmetic practice focusing exclusively on injectable services. The main objective was to convey focus, refinement and display deep topical expertise. KCMC recommended a responsive website with lots of targeted pages that demonstrate nuance and skill in the application of neurotoxins and injectable facial fillers.


Dr. Owen Reid, MD, FRCSC

Dr. Owen Reid also hired KCMC to create his first ever cosmetic practice website. Although in practice for a few years, his focus was to build his brand as an expert breast, body, and post-bariatric surgeon. Dr. Reid has been diligent to take KCMC’s advice over the years and his website is now a dominant presence on search engine results pages in the Vancouver B.C. area.


Dr. Nowell Solish, Dermatologist

Dr. Solish was referred to KCMC in 2008. As an established name in dermatology worldwide, Dr. Solish was looking to upgrade his aging website and showcase his credentials and experience. After an exceptional initial experience with the relaunch of his primary website, Dr. Solish again hired KCMC to relaunch his focused Botox® website.


Dr. Martie Gidon, Dermatologist

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