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Our job is to market your practice for maximum online growth and profitability in an ever-changing environment with ever-increasing competition. There are lots of great physicians out there. There are also lots of smart marketers. I believe ultimately, it's about results and relationships, connecting and creating partnerships based on honesty, trust, comfort and, of course, performance. That's how you make practices successful online... one practice, one relationship at a time.

Ali Kouros

Ali Kouros, Founder, Kouros Cosmetic Medical Consulting

Modern Medical Marketing

The last two decades have seen a significant shift in the practice of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medical treatments. The lure of success has attracted many physicians and entrepreneurs to the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic services market which in turn has made this sector ultra-competitive, even in smaller geographies. All the while, internet is constantly changing the game. Today it is not possible to grow your cosmetic practice beyond a part time hobby to augment your insured practice without competing effectively on the internet. Your potential "customers" have left traditional print media as a source of information and do all their research and most of their purchases online. For this reason, implementing online marketing strategies has become a cornerstone of medical marketing.


We believe there are three primary traits that qualify a vendor to offer digital marketing services in the medial sector:

First is industry focus. KCMC is focused exclusively on online marketing of elective medical services. This specialization has allowed KCMC to become finely tuned into every aspect of the online medical marketing sector. This spans from patient behavior online to understanding how to best work with busy physicians, to expected ROI of various cosmetic treatments, to optimizing a website for converting potential patient leads; the list goes on. The point is that this kind of in-depth understanding of a niche sector generally results in better performance and thus more attractive ROI (and less headaches) for our clients.

Second is a strong team of professionals. No matter how much knowledge a vendor can display about a given business sector, it is a fact that we are far beyond a time where a one or two-person operation can effectively market a medical practice online. KCMC’s team of professionals includes engineers, web developers, copywriters, illustrators, online and social marketing experts and account managers that can all seamlessly work together in order to further your online presence.

Third is loyalty. We believe that in order to effectively promote a medical practice in a given geographical radius, an online vendor must be solely dedicated to that practice within that radius. Beyond ethical reasons, there are functional reasons why this makes sense.

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"KCMC designed my cosmetic practice website. I was happy enough to have them design a second website and we have since moved on with KCMC's internet marketing service."

"The website you created has made a huge difference in my practice. Good job. Your copywriters have woven our honest and candid approach to patient care throughout the text beautifully."

"KCMC is always right on top of things. I followed through with all their suggestions and I am happy with the results."