Social Media Management

A Two-Way Conversation

Today your patients are talking about you on numerous social media channels. A social media management plan allows you to contribute (and control) the conversation and get directly in touch with your patients and potential patients in personal, informal and fun ways that let your personality shine through.

An Effective Approach

Although there are many social media channels out there, only a few of them are popular and well-suited enough, and have enough return on investment potential to warrant effort. Different demographics prefer different channels. Understanding how to guide you to leverage the right social media channels is the result of years of medical marketing experience and is at the core of our approach to social media management.

It's About More Than Posts

Social media management is most effective when it is designed to drive engagement. This is because social media was never intended as a sales tool in the first place. Therefore, the same key performance indicators that apply to your website can't be used here. Instead, understanding and reporting on "engagement" metrics is the key to success in social media because it is engagement that drives followership which can ultimately not only become a powerful branding tool but would also result in leads.

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