Reputation Management

90% of Consumers Read Online Reviews Before Visiting a Business!

Medical marketing has always been about reputation. You spend years in medical school and years following that to fine-tune your craft to perfection. You take diligent care for each patient to deliver the most desired outcome for every procedure and every patient encounter. Yet one negative review can have a disproportionate effect on your reputation online. The best defense here is offence: numerous positive reviews are the best and only defense against the odd negative review.

Effective Reputation Management

The greatest challenge to online reputation management is acquiring positive reviews in great enough numbers to affect local search performance and shield against the occasional negative review. Leaving a review often involves asking patients to search for your name or the name of our practice then make sure they have located the right profile page, log in, etc.; this cumbersome process often leads to some practices giving up and either casually ask patients for reviews or not try at all.

Review Facilitation

Imagine there is a way to facilitate positive reviews from happy patients all with the click of a button. More importantly, imagine if there was a way for the recipient of a review request to leave a review with the click of a button in under 2 or 3 minutes. Now there is. KCMC's reputation management service simplifies requesting and leaving reviews so that you can ask more patients for reviews and more patients will be inclined to leave reviews via a simple process.

Its More Than Just About Reviews

Reputation management is about more than making the occasional request for reviews. Effective reputation management also involves monitoring reviews and responding to both negative and positive reviews in a way that demonstrates responsibility and social engagement and furthers your brand.

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