Medical Website Design

Crafting the Online Image of Your Practice

Building a medical website requires a plan to inspire your visitors to want to connect with you or schedule a consultation and ultimately book a procedure. Furthermore, the Internet has effectively put every competitor right in your neighborhood: a potential patient in your area may become loyal to a competitor halfway across town if their website looks, performs, and ranks better than yours.

A medical website has to achieve many objectives:

  • Convey medical credentials, experience and authority
  • Provide education
  • Be user friendly
  • Convert potential patients to leads
  • Inspire search engine trust, on and on

It’s not then difficult to imagine the level of professional attention to detail, marketing know-how, and engineering and development talent that is required to craft a website that checks all the boxes.

Our Approach

We believe planning is the key to success. Medical websites are sophisticated beasts. Website features (video and photo galleries, blogs, interactive features, textual and non-textual content and the like), personality of each practice, and characteristics of your target audience have to all be taken into account - to say nothing of Search Engine and development standards - in order to deliver a website that performs. Planning and project management skills are necessary for a well-planned and well-executed project.

Project Management

Although our web development projects are custom and require a degree of flexibility, we have learned that following a mature project development model is the best way to ensure that your project is delivered on time and as per the agreed-upon scope determined in the sales stage. In general, most projects will go through the following phases from start to finish.

Phase 1 – In the initial Sales Stage we gather necessary information to understand your unique values, preferences and practice characteristics. We also produce a blueprint of the website navigation and determine a precise scope of work so there are no surprises down the line.

Phase 2 – In the Production Phase, we collect necessary assets and set out to do the heavy lifting of copywriting, design and production work.

Phase 3 – In the Quality Assurance Phase of your project we focus dedicated time to perform a comprehensive quality control that will ensure your website is pristine and free of mistakes and prepare for the launch phase.

Phase 4 – In the Launch Phase we deliver your website for your final review and feedback and plan the launch of the new website.

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"KCMC designed my cosmetic practice website. I was happy enough to have them design a second website and we have since moved on with KCMC's internet marketing service."

"The website you created has made a huge difference in my practice. Good job. Your copywriters have woven our honest and candid approach to patient care throughout the text beautifully."

"KCMC is always right on top of things. I followed through with all their suggestions and I am happy with the results."