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Cosmetic Surgery Physician Testimonials

How Productive are Your Employees?

Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medical services field is an industry in which the marriage of medicine and business requires a new breed of employees with diverse skill sets. Many clinic managers/owners complain that finding both clinical experience and entrepreneurial business sense in the same employee is a struggle at best. It is true that employees who combine these competencies are few and far between. However, there are ways in which employee behavior can be modified such that each employee’s production (sales as well as clinical care performance) is maximized.

What to do?

Hiring the right person is critical in any business. The right employee, however, will merely ensure that a person with the right aptitudes has joined your team. Look beyond workers' abilities and credentials when assessing your staff. Is there a clear role perception from your employee's point of view? Have you done enough to motivate your employees? Do you have a clear vision? One that you persistently communicate and personally enact? Do you actively remove barriers that are beyond your employees' control in order to facilitate their way to perform for you? The answers to these questions determine the productivity of your workers. Visit Practice Evaluation to see how we might be able to help you attain your financial goals through improving your employee productivity.